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Tugas 2: Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2, Active and Passive Sentence Or Voice

1. Active Voice/Sentence  
   A sentence active ( active volce ) is a sentence where subject-nya do the job . Active volce often used in daily activities .
For Example :

a. He meets them everyday.

b.  She waters this plant every two days.

c. He will meet them tomorrow.

d. He will have met them before I get there tomorrow.

e. Ayumni eats Gurame

2. Passive Voice/ Sentence

Passive sentences ( the passive volce ) where subjeknya charged is a work by an object pekerjaan.passive volce papers , is often used in articles in magazines , and the writings of science . 

For Example :

a. They are met By  Him everyday.

b. This plant is watered By Her every two days.

c. They will be met By Him tomorrow.

d. They will have been met By Him before I get there tomorrow.

e. Gurame is eaten By Ayumni

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Article Search Passive Voice:


   Rhea, wife of Cronus and mother of Zeus and the gods of Olympus others, described as the earth and is regarded as the mother of the Great and producers from around the endless natural herbs. He is also in charge of the creation of animals, especially lions, king of the beasts. Rhea, in general portrayed in memory of a crown of small towers that tall and sits on the throne with a lion crouching at his feet. Sometimes he is depicted sitting in a chariot drawn by lions.

    The main place of worship of Rhea, who has always had a very wild, was in Crete. At the time of the festival which took place at night, the strains of music that is not uniformly from flutes, cymbals, and drum sounds, while the shouts and cries of joy and dances accompanied by a loud pounding feet filled the air.

   Goddess was introduced into Crete by the inhabitants of Phrygia in Asia Minor, the State where Rhea was worshiped by the name of Cybele. The people of Crete worshiped as the Great Mother, Rhea's role as a crutch because vegetable world. When winter comes, all the glory gone, the flowers fade, and the leafless trees, the population of Crete is a love. Rhea told captivated by the young people who have extraordinary good looks named Atys, who have proved to be loyal to Rhea and the resulting sad and anger. At the time of Atys will unite ourselves with a fairy named line of, anger Rhea suddenly exploded in the middle of the wedding. Guests who attended the panic and suffering from temporary insanity Atys fled to the mountains and destroy itself. Cybele with sadness and regret hold an annual mourning ceremony. Priests, Corybantes, accompanied by their noise, and together they walked to the mountains to search for lost youth. When he finally found a massive Atys, they wreak his joy with a wild hand gestures, dancing, shouting, and at the same time hurt themselves with that horrible way. 

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